About Your Host: Sean Mitchell

Sean on Big Island
So who is this guy that’s interviewing Tony?

Glad you asked.

Here’s a quick bio/overview on your host, Sean:

Sean Mitchell has been interested in all things transformative since a very young age. His parents and grandmother introduced him to various spiritual traditions as a young child which he was immediately fascinated with. Largely in part because he fell in love with thinking about life, what we’re here to do, and how to make sense of this world and the players in it. Dial the clock forward to the age of 18 and he joined the U.S. Air Force.

Uncle Sam allowed him to travel the world from Asia, to Europe and the Middle East.

A shot of me (on the left) at Aviano AB, Italy in the summer of 90 a month before deploying to Desert Storm…and no, I didn’t fly jets, I flew a desk. However, I was stoked to get a ride through the Italian Alps in one of the jets with a pilot that I worked with…it was a total blast!

After having earned his B.S. in Social-Psychology while on active duty and having served over 12 years in, he decided to take the leap and try out civilian life and catch a ride on the tech/Dot Com boom of the late 90s.

Sean was an marketing consulting for over 16 years when he decided to take a radical leap into the world he’s been most passionate about: helping people navigate the funk of life and considered going back for a graduate degree. Having decided on a more inspirational career path he realized he needed to get ‘into the field’ and spent almost a year as a professional addictions counselor. At this point, Sean fell in love with what he needed to do the rest of his life… Tell stories that helped people and teach various experiential, results driven, meditative techniques.

So let’s dial the clock back a number of years, while Sean was a marketing consultant he was introduced to Tony and they both began having these wildly inspirational, private conversations. One day they both decided it might be a good idea to share these stories and lessons more widely with the public as they both always left the conversations feeling more inspired and ‘lit up’ so to speak and they both wanted to help others “come alive” more in their fields.

So, when you jump into this course you will find out much more about both Tony and Sean…but this is enough of a summary on Sean to get the jist of who this guy is. Here are a few words from various people that Sean’s worked with over the years:


The person below gave a great compliment one day after I presented on the topic of the Vajrayana Path (Tibetan Buddhism) at a local group, stating that it was “just like watching a TED Talk.” I don’t know if it was all that good as it felt it could have used some more organization and polish but anyways, here are some nice words she offered:


“I have been meditating for about 15 years but realize I am still a beginner when I talk with Sean. He has an incredible breadth of knowledge and is extremely generous in sharing his wisdom. He presents in a masterful yet humble way, with some humor, that is easy to understand and really hear.”

Michele Reed, Ph.D.



“I think the older I get the more particular I’ve become, in an old fart way, of who I work with…

And it’s very easy to work with people that just talk the talk, but what I do like about Sean is that he walks the walk…

I want to highly recommend to anybody that wants to work with Sean on any training exercises in a very methodical sort of way of how to do things.

Definitely been a great help to me.”

Tony Michaelides
Author, Speaker, Artist Development Coach and former Music Industry Exec of 30+ years

Tony’s former clients include: David Bowie, U2, Bob Marley, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, The Police, Depeche Mode, and on and on…



“…I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t find working with you a gift.”

Heidi Barron


Here’s some old business focus references.

Sean Mitchell brings to all things social media the kind of consciousness one finds in the rarefield fields of monasticism or quantum physics. He can pierce the veils of the arcane and the technological with deep humanness, never losing sight of the big picture and the grand purpose behind it all. Simply put; he’s a 21st century internet and marketing magician. Sean Mitchell’s work has exceeded my expectations. I wanted something doable. He gave me something fantastic!

Norman Thalheimer
Broadway Composer-Lyricist

“He took the time to understand my unique situation and business parameters.  Through careful discussions and work together, in a very short time he had my chosen search terms way up on Google’s page 1.  Since then we have begun work on numerous other projects and as well, I have referred several of my clients to him for their own work.  Everyone is different and have unique needs to promote their product or business.

How can you expect anyone to promote your business that doesn’t understand it? I recommend Sean for anyone looking to improve your web ranking or who needs a Geek Pro behind the scenes to handle this increasingly difficult problem of promoting yourself on the web.”

Chris Forney, Owner of Artworks Gallery
— Art Dealer to number of Hollywood Celebs



“If one is not familiar with SEO work, the vocabulary can be like learning Chinese. Sean has a great talent of using real life applicable vocabulary…Sean also goes above and beyond to make sure that your goals will be met…

As clear as can be, Sean analyzed my websites competitors and wrote a clear and concise report as to what needed to be done.

As of now my website is ranked #1 on Google and on Yahoo (for a particular keyword we wanted to target). This is a great accomplishment for me and the company I work for.

I recommend to you someone that is truly passionate about his work. He does a great job, goes above and beyond and is extremely easy to work with.”

Rob Johnson
Léal Vineyards