About Tony Michaelides

As it was mentioned early on…Tony has had one wild ride of a life. He was a music executive for over 30 years and has worked with some of the most well known names in the music industry.

Here’s the short list: U2 (got them their first radio and TV gigs), lived and traveled with David Bowie as his publicist on the Earthling tour, and has had other clients like: The Police, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, Whitney Houston, Matchbox Twenty, Bob Marley, etc…

Here’s some more words describing Tony Michaelides, from people that have known and worked with him:

“Tony has seen more of the music industry from the inside than almost anyone else I know. His success stories are many but more than this he is a man who loves music and it is that that has driven him more than anything else.“ – Mark Radcliffe, BBC Presenter

“It was in those crucial formative years that we were grateful for the passionate belief Tony showed in the band and for the personal and professional relationship that was built.“ – Paul McGuinness, Manager of U2

“Tony Michaelides’ reputation was unrivalled within the industry. He just about invented regional promotion and if that is too large a claim he certainly ‘professionalized’ it in a way many would come to emulate. Simply put…Tony Michaelides – a UK promotion legend!“ – Dave Shack, Vice President BMG International (UK)

“Tony invented the concept of regional promotion that equated the power of music and the quality of voice for hip labels and their talented new artists… I was so pleased he wrote a book as someone would now have to edit him!“ – Ray Cooper, Former President of Virgin Records US

And here’s a few shots of Tony back when he had some hair on that head of his:

Tony & Phil Collins

Tony & Peter Gabriel

Tony flipping burgers for the guys in U2