“Discover the Secrets of Actual Rock Stars & How These Insights Can Help You Create An Amazing Business and Life…
From a Music Industry Exec of Over 30 Years!”

These are Very Rare, Insider Stories… And They Might Just Change Your Life!

I want you to meet my friend, Tony Michaelides, who was a music exec for 30+ years… He got U2 their first TV and radio gigs, traveled with David Bowie as his publicist, and worked with several other industry greats like: Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Depeche Mode, Bob Marley, and even the snarky music promoter Mr Simon Cowell back before anyone had really ever heard of him.

Listen in as Tony reveals some of the greatest lessons learned from his time working with legendary musicians, executives, producers and the cultures that grew them.
And most importantly…

Discover how these lessons can change your life and business.

Just some of what you’ll learn:

  The First Ingredient That Was Common To Bowie, U2 and Others in Becoming Massively Successful.
asdf   The Secret to attract and develop raving, loyal fans!
asdf   When To Begin Singing Your Song.

If you’re needing to get your mojo back… this session is something you DO NOT want to miss!

You’ll hear some amazing stories about some interesting people and most important learn the lessons and how to apply them to your life.

And old shot of Tony grilling for the boys of U2 in between dragging them around the UK during their early years.

Who is this for?

* Small company owners and entrepreneurs who need to stand out in their field and make more of an impact.

* Companies who need to get a very unique view of how to build a culture and loyal raving fans.

* Individuals that are feeling stuck…missing passion and wanting it back.

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You’re Going To Love This!

Sean “The Inquiring Mind” Mitchell
(Host & producer of this course.)

And here’s just a few nice things others have had to said about Tony:

“It was in those crucial formative years that we were grateful for the passionate belief Tony showed in the band and for the personal and professional relationship that was built.” – Paul McGuinness, Manager of U2

“Tony has taken the lessons learned from a lifetime inside the rock machine and constructed a new way of fine tuning business practice. The stars he has worked with can now be your inspirational motivators.” – Colin Somerville, Journalist, Scotland on Sunday, Presenter BBC Radio Scotland