Session 1 – Details & Homework

Session 1 – Details & Homework

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Effective questioning brings insight, which fuels curiosity, which cultivates wisdom.” – Chip Bell

If you prefer to listen to a fuller explanation of homework questions…
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Homework Questions for Session 1

Remember to write these out in your cool ass journal you bought (or we sent to you if you’re in our one-on-one coaching)…

1. What makes you come alive!?

2. Is this currently your career?

3. Is this currently a hobby of yours or a part time passion?

4. What do you have available to begin or enhance your activity in this area?

5. Who are the people rocking it in this space?

6. Are you actively following, engaging and building an audience here?

7. What can you do this week to engage more fully?

“Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work.” – Aristotle