Session 5 – Details & Homework

Session 5 – Details & Homework

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Homework for Session 5

1. What are the key players/positions you need in your tribe? Do you already know some of them? Where might you find the others?

2. What does your culture feel, look and smell like? What’s it’s mission statement?

3. Do you intimately trust all of your players? If not, why the hell are they on your team? Have you given them full permission to fuck up?

4. Are you doing it YOUR way because it’s awesome or because you’re just wallowing in some maladaptive ego shite? Make sure on this one…if you’re onto something at your gut level for a reason…go with it…if you’re just a fighty fuck…take a breath and re-assess your focus/perception for a minute to realign in a healthier way? I’ll give examples here of what I’m talking about.

5. What does your perfect tribe look like? What do you guys do together when you’re not ‘doing the great work’? You should eat, sweat and laugh together as well. This is your work family…

6. Does your tribe/culture have it’s own unique language/phrases and rituals?