Discover the Secrets of Actual Rock Stars & How These Insights Can Help You Create An Amazing Business and Life! …From a Music Industry Exec of Over 30 Years!

So…What happened to that life you’ve always wanted to have?

Yeh, those dreams… Where did they go?

Maybe you entered the career you thought you always wanted
…but have LOST your spark.

Maybe you’ve just been getting by… and life has been getting in the way of what really makes you come alive.

Now….The Biggest Question For You:

Are You Really
Finally Ready To Have The Life You Want?

I mean you could just wait until your dying days to have major regrets like MOST people…but wouldn’t it be WAY more satisfying to just DO those things you’ve wanted to do…like starting today?

Now, if you are TRULY ready to start feeling great about your life and business and are ready to stop putting it off…

Do I have a treat for you!

I’d like to introduce you to my good friend Tony Michaelides.

guy that got U2 their first TV and Radio gigs. He also lived and traveled with David Bowie on tour as his publicist. As a music industry exec for over 30 years, Tony’s also worked directly with many of the greats like: Phil Collins, The Police, Bob Marley, Depeche Mode, etc etc…

But the most amazing thing is… his inside view of the specific characteristics and behaviors of these artists and promotion machines that launched them into the stratosphere.

His stories will give you a rare view of what it takes to be a prolific rock star and what type of company it takes to push them to the top of their game.

Now this isn’t just for musicians or creatives…this is for people who want to apply these principles to their business so that it’s so appealing… it’s impossible to be ignored. Bottom line: how to make a much bigger impact in your field!

Back to these rock star types:

For some, they think these people just got lucky or just had some super rare, special gifts.

Think again.

There is a recipe to greatness…

…on both a personal and professional level. Pssst, they’re both VERY related. 😉

These lessons are vital
to creating both an amazing life and business.

So, let’s get back to this ‘recipe of greatness’ thing.
While Tony has worked with a ton of prolific rock stars, he’s become a rock star himself along the way. He lives what some would call a ‘charmed life.’

Here’s just a few of his many accomplishments:

* Worked his way up to exec level in the music industry… for 30+ years
* Given Alien of Extraordinary Ability Visa by the US government
* Has created and run his own music promotion company
* Author, speaker and artist development consultant
* Hired as a Chief Evangelist and advisor to a major tech company
* In talks to get his own television show produced

I mean, COME ONNNN….who gets paid to basically be themselves and have a great time? Tony does.

Now…the interesting part. Tony will tell you his childhood was normal. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth and in general he considers himself a normal guy.

Why am I telling you this? Because…Tony and all of these musicians he’s worked with were also ‘mere mortals’ at the beginning of their life and careers.

The Recipe of Greatness is Available to Everyone not Just Super Humans!

There were ‘things’ that they did….ways in which they developed themselves and cultivated their lives that were vital to them creating realities only few would dream possible.

If you’d like a shortcut to these inner workings and results… You’ll want in on this course.

What we are offering you is an 8 week course broken down into topically focused sessions. Each week Tony will share with you very insightful and entertaining stories about his time with a number of great artists and the promotion companies behind them.

Each of these sessions will have actual homework and some impactful, experiential exercises so that you can apply the lessons to your business and life.

What’s covered in this course:

Session 1: The Two Things Holding Most People Back from Achieving Their Dream Life!

Session 2: The Initial Ingredients of Greatness. If you don’t have these nailed, you don’t have a shot at achieving your big goals.

Session 3: Your Vision / Your Voice / Your Story …and how to develop and clarify each. Lacking this one thing we’ll cover will keep you missing the mark. Learn how to conquer this!

Session 4: The Platform and Grind.

Session 5: Your Tribe. It matters far more than you think. What does the recipe of a great team and culture look like? Secrets of the prolific marketing companies that launched stars…get an inside view.

Session 6: Managing Super Humans. Now that you’ve surrounded yourself with rock stars in your space…how do you navigate dealing with the strongest of personalities? This lesson is massively powerful on both a personal and professional level.

Session 7: Promotion. Yes the technology and tricks have evolved over the years, but the eternal principles of what works has not changed in 1000s of years. When you know the core, critical areas to focus on you can stop wasting time with surface level gimmicks…and get down to ‘what always works.’

Session 8: Application & Synthesis: Tying it All Together. You can toss all the ingredients of an apple pie, stir it up and cook it…that will not make a pie. There is a process, a crust, a layering, etc…learn how to assemble the ingredients correctly.

Entrepreneurs and business owners know that fortunes are made in selling solutions to problems.

However these days with so much competition…everyone is doing that!

So WHAT makes your product or service stand out?

How are you going to get noticed and make any significant headway?

If Your Your Product or Service is Forgettable…

…It Will be Forgotten.

This is one of the reasons why paying attention to what artists and their mega-promotion companies know. Not only does it make sense but is absolutely vital these days.

Life is about experiences…
the ones you create for yourself …and others!

Now, this may sounds like just an ego trip…to have people adore you or whatever you’re selling. But I promise you the main reason you want to engage at this level has real science and usefulness behind it.

I will give you a real world example. In my time as a counselor, if I were to give the clients the typical ‘clinical-ese’ language that some practitioners were comfortable with, I knew I’d just sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher – waaah waaah waaah waaah.

And the problem with that from a learning perspective is that they would quickly and easily forget the important stuff!

Now, if you emote the client, then drop in learning it ends up affecting the limbic region of your brain (more specifically the Amygdala).

So what?

This type of learning is powerful as it has massive staying power and makes it much faster to access.

Anything less than this is almost a waste of time. Seriously.

This holds true for yourself and the clients you serve. If you want massive impact you have to be a certain way, authentically, and deliver in a certain way.

This is just some of what we cover in this course and many of the other principles of success that will help you get the type of experience you want out of life (and business).

So, what to do next?

Click here, enroll in our course and begin the journey. You won’t regret this and you’re going to have a blast.

We’ll be doing live Q & A & Bonus Material sessions at the end of each training session. You’ll have some exercises to go through to help you apply this to your life.

Our goal is to have the power and potency of these stories….become YOUR story.